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Dietetics And Nutrition

Dietetics And Nutrition

Dietetics & Nutrition is the science and art of applying the principles of food science and human nutrition to attain and maintain human health. Dietetics & food service management is a versatile profession, which requires professionals to use their knowledge, communication and creative skills in attaining and maintaining patient’s health.

Asgar Ali Hospital is facilitating all sorts of dietary suggestions for you and your family. Being fit and losing weight has been a latest trend among people not only in Bangladesh but world-wide.  No matter what age group you belong to or what your lifestyle is, everyone looks for weight loss programs that are easily available, economical as well as easy to follow, without much lifestyle modifications.

Hospitalized patients can consult with our in-patient dietitians during their hospital stay and also while being discharged for any necessary dietary advice.

Department of Dietetics & Nutrition of Asgar Ali Hospital is the integration of the art and science to the application of food and nutrition to health. Being an integral part of Asgar Ali Hospital, this department aims at providing the highest level of nutrition care and education to the patient. The ideology of the department of Dietetics & Nutrition is to encourage good nutritional practice and standards as a fundamental part of health care provided to in-patients and out-patients.

Dietitians are consultants and practitioners who assess, maintain and improve the health status of individuals they serve. They are responsible for the management of the sick and for the promotion of health.

Objectives of the Department:

To provide the highest quality nutrition care and dietetic services

To advancing practice of clinical nutrition including developing specialist dietetic  teams within the department

To develop effective therapies and new treatments, using evidence-based practice.

Prevent or reverse nutritional deficiencies

Preserve lean body mass

Help patient better tolerate treatment

Minimize nutrition related side effects and complication

Maintain strength and energy

Protect immune function and decrease the risk of infection

Aid in recovery and healing

Maximize the quality of life.

In-Patient Services:

The department provides food for inpatients, advice in-patients, out-patients and Executive Health Check-up about their special therapeutic diets, plans and supervises the preparation of therapeutic or other diets for individuals or group in Asgar Ali Hospital.

Our Dietitian & Nutritionist plans nutritionally adequate diet for the inpatient as recommended by the consultant and ensure the appropriate diet planning is done consistent with patient’s clinical requirement and diets are available on a regular basis. Also prepare a comprehensive diet chart which helps to maintain nutritional requirement for a patient according to diagnosis.


The whole dietetics team is actively involved in delivering optimal care to the in-patients:

To Provide Diet according to their health condition.

To provide Good quality of food & beverage.

To maintain Fresh & hygienic.

Appropriate food is served for  appropriate diet

Time to time dietary services

We also give Modified diet-chart of every disease:

Diabetic Diet

Kidney ( every stage of kidney and renal calculus)

Liver (every stage of liver and hepatic coma)


Prevention of nutritional deficiencies diet chart

Diet chart  for Electrolyte imbalance

Diet chart for Inborn errors metabolism

Gluten free diet chart

Lactose controlled diet chart

Nutrition management of food hypersensitivities.

Nutrition management of Acute Renal Failure

Nutrition management of Nephrotic Syndrome

Diet for heart disease

Diet for gastrointestinal disorders

Pediatric Nutrition

Nutrition management in Burns

Nutrition management in Cancer Patient

Sports nutrition

Dietary management of obesity and under weight.

Diet chart for  Arthritis

Diet chart for Neutropanic diet

Out-patient Dietetic Services:

The nutritional needs of a normal person in his lifespan – from conception through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age – are modified according to the demands of growth and development at different stages of life. The needs of every person at any stage of life are to be modified and deviated from the normal when attacked by illness. Use of medication alone is not always sufficient to cure any health disorder unless there is proper nutritional management. Out-patient diet consultation can then be considered as a shield, which if effectively used, can protect a person from further attack of the disease and help restore normal health.

The dietitians of Asgar Ali Hospital have an out-patient diet clinic. They see patients and their families. They advise them on food that is good for them. The dieticians also advice what they should not eat and the quantity of food they should eat. Diet sheets are given to every patient. These will give examples with model meal plans and instructions on the diet. Patients with many different illnesses are counseled in the clinic. Illnesses covered include diabetes, kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart disease, obesity (being fat or over weight), cancer etc.

We provide diet counseling for dietary management of:

Weight Management program-

Obesity Control

Under weight management

Nutrition management of infancy

Nutrition management of pre-school children

Nutrition management of school children

Nutrition management of adolescents

Nutrition management of adults

Nutrition management of pregnant and lactating women

Diabetic diet and calorie controlled diet

Diet for renal disease

Nutrition management of chronic renal failure

Nutrition management of acute renal failure

Nutrition management of Nephrotic syndrome

Diet for heart disease

Diet for gastrointestinal disorders

Hypo allergic Diet

Consultation & Appointment
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Chief Dietitian

Dietetics And Nutrition

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